Beyond Conformity

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and enemy of growth"

-John F. Kennedy


TEDxIIMKashipur is an ongoing journey filled with enriching experience; enthralling and taking us to newer realms. Our journey started in 2014 with a simple idea, an idea to conduct the event for the students of IIM Kashipur with the theme ‘Ideas in Action’, that changed our way of thinking and freed our minds. It continued in 2015 also based on the theme ‘Actions Bring Change’. Progressing in the journey of evolution, the third edition of TEDxIIMKashipur was organised on December 10th, 2016 with the theme ‘Breaking Barriers’ and 2018 edition with the theme 'Shaping the future'.


TEDxIIMKashipur 2019 (January 19th, 2019) 
You could call them the smartest, the most creative/innovative or just excellent. But what sets them apart, be it Steve Jobs or Ralph Waldo Emerson, Vincent Van Gogh or Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lionel Messi or John Lennon, is simply their willingness to go beyond conformities. To defy conformities dictated by political, social, cultural, economic, technological, legal systems. TEDx IIMKashipur posits the idea that identities don’t have to be identical. TEDx IIMKashipur invites you to be enthralled by maestros describing the magic as nothing but the art and the science of bending conformity at will. TEDx IIMKashipur invites you to relish the tales and anecdotes of a VUCA world, of revolutions, to a land 'Beyond conformity'.


speakers this year

Mr. Ashish

CEO - Classic Legends

(JAWA Motorcycles)

Mr. Anoop


Environmentalist and

Founder, GATI Foundation

Mr. Manvendra

Singh Gohil

LGBTQ Activist and

Founder, Lakshya Foundation

Ms. Jo McGowan Chopra


Latika Roy Foundation

Ms. Nouf


Padma Shri and

Founder, Arab Yoga Foundation

Mr. Vikram Agnihotri

First Indian Handless

Vehicle License Holder

Captain G. R.


Prisoner of War (1971 War)

Indian Navy retired officer

Mr. Eshan Hilal

India's First Male

Belly Dancer

Mr. Jadav


Padma Shri, Activist

Forest Man of India

Ms. Peenaz


Journalist and Editor,

News Nation



The creative team behind the curtains that helped to organize such wonderful event.

faculty incharge

dr. kumkum bharti


shashank kulkarni


shantanu verma


nilendu kar chowdhury


sankalp agarwal

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